About Us

Relax and let Briciola transport you to Italy for a gastronomic journey like none other in the area.

Owner and chef, native Italian Mario Maggi, is celebrating the forty years of culinary experience that have given him the opportunity to travel the world, sharing his passion for authentic Italian cuisine. Similar to the old familiar fairytale, Chef Mario followed the metaphoric breadcrumbs where they led him during the course of his distinguished career. Having journeyed from Milan to Tokyo, St. Petersburg to San Francisco, Milwaukee to Mexico City, he has once again returned to Chicago, a city that continually beckons. It was the realization of this destiny that inspired him to open Briciola, which means “breadcrumbs.” Because dining in Italy is an occasion for friends and family to gather around the table and break bread together, the name seemed to be the perfect invitation for his own authentic trattoria. For those seeking a taste of Italy, Chef Mario has created a distinctive menu that offers an extensive range of guiltless delights which awaken the palette as well as the imagination. While committed to maintaining the integrity of classic Italian cuisine, his dishes are a unique interpretation of history and tradition. In addition, Chef Mario enjoys presenting his own signature creations in order to bring into play the best of what the season, the week, or even a particular day has to offer. His promise is that those who choose to break bread at Briciola will enjoy a comfortable table away from home while time stands still. And, of course, he hopes the “breadcrumbs” will lead friends and families back to his piccola trattoria Italiana, to experience the “the Maggi-c.”